The APES Council members elected for the term 2001-2003* at the 3rd General Meeting of the Asia Pacific EPR/ESR Society, 30 Oct., 2001, at Kobe University, Kobe, Japan

* The period was extended till 2004 as we missed APES in 2003 due to SARS



President: Prof. Czeslaw Rudowicz Hong Kong
Vice President: Prof. S. V. Bhat India
Vice President: Prof. Hitoshi Ohta Japan
Secretary/Treasurer: Prof. Yau-yuen Yeung Hong Kong

Country/Regional Representatives:

Australia/New Zealand: Prof. Graeme R. Hanson
China: Prof. Yong Li
India: Prof. Kaushala P. Mishra
Japan: Prof. J. Yamauchi
Republic of Korea: Prof. Sa-Ouk Kang
Vietnam: Dr. Nguyen T. Tai
Russia: Prof. A. M. Ziatdinov